Since the first Alpha 10 playtest for Squad, fans both new and veteran have been waiting for the chance to experience the changes that are leading in with the v10 Alpha update. Although much of the wait has been due to the squashing of bugs amongst other things, another playtest has arrived which started on February 2nd.

Although much of the initial experience feels somewhat unchanged from Squad’s first v10 public playtest, being able to not have to jump-crouch over obstacles and see the game’s vaulting mechanic at work is still a welcomed sight. Due of the significant time between the last playtest and the current one, recoil took some time to get used since much of the weapon sway mechanics were mostly the norm for at least a couple of previous alpha installments. Additionally, I even forgot that some of the Russian based vehicles had different ammo types and smoke launchers, which reinforced the fact that I had to somewhat relearn and adapt to what would be the changes in-game, once the major update was completed. With that said, launching a RPG-7 Frag round at 300 meters at nothing more than moving pixels of enemy combatants still brings a smile to my face. However, despite some of the nice things, the gun play feels a bit more arcade like than usual at the same time, because of the new recoil implementation. With all things considered, I’m liking what I’m seeing thus far. There’s still plenty of room for improvement, as well as some of the other things that were hinted late 2017; such as shovels and well, a particular set of armored vehicles from the US side.

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