Since the content release of v10 for Squad went live February 8th, I could say confidently that I’ve had enough time with the new update that I can flesh out some feedback on the latest content update. While the v10 patch brought a lot of changes to the table, I’m not going to list them but rather go straight into the details from here.

With vaulting being one of the major dynamics in ground combat, infantry paths of movement are much more expanded, making it much hard to defend against and to disengage from. There were plenty of instances where other players and squad members thought they were safe or secured, but had it been the previous v9 build, they would have been right. As with the two previous public build tests, infantry weapons have changed for better or worse as the recoil and sway behavior feel somewhat more amplified in comparison to the v9 build. I’m not quite sure if it’s intended to mimic as best as possible what could be the interpretation of average shooters in the armed forces, however, the easiest answer I found was just to put in the time as with previous alpha builds. It was like this last year when recoil and sway was changed, affecting ACOG M4A1 at the time, so the best thing to do for people is just to put in the hours and get used to the evolving changes. US sight changes due to more realistic setups as well as development issue have also been something to get used to, but seems to be adaptable as “zeroing” in your weapon allows for users to fight back against distant targets. Despite having this game changer, it’s still going to come down to the first person seeing the enemy first.

Squad Screenshot 2018.02.09 -

However, when an enemy is positioned in an awkward way where they shouldn’t be technically seeing you but still are shooting back, kinda makes me scratch my head a little. This is probably and clearly a bug from the new movement animations, but it remains hopeful that this will be corrected in an update in the closer future. Nothing more weirder than someone moonwalking backwards, or running in a different direction but still having their gun shooting you. While some bugs are a bit more bearable, like the “facepalm” looking one below, another one like getting revived with no gun and having to “respawn” kinda gets a bit irritating, as there is no solution other than the particular bug is squared away.

Squad Screenshot 2018.02.11 - I haven’t had the issue myself, the thought that vehicle hit detection is off again feels like it’s going to be detrimental to the pace of combat. The reason being is that the MTLB, or “Shit-box” as some of call it, got a recent defense buff with the ability to take another Light Anti-Tank hit from a HEAT round. Although this could be an issue that could be either both client and server side, it does kinda suck the willpower out of you when you connect squarely with an enemy vehicle and it doesn’t do anything. Ironically, I did have a couple of instances in v9.17 where an MRAP actually took all my rounds as LAT and didn’t catch on fire. Since then, I’ve never encountered that ever happening again. But that’s not to say that enemies that are dead sometimes are literally standing in position.

Squad Screenshot 2018.02.13 -

All in all, v10 isn’t too bad, despite it’s bugs that are still present and more than likely being addressed as I’m writing this now. It’s hopefully and highly probable that a smaller update should be rolling out in the near future. Although I have no inside information and the fact that I suck at gambling, I’m still gonna bet that it’s probably going to be within the next couple of months. Either that or we can go back to the three weeks meme again.

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