In keeping the ball rolling for Gunpla building for myself, one of my Twitch friend’s birthday, Ashaife was coming up. So thinking out of the norm, I wanted to do another kind of paint scheme, and was instantly inspired by a D.Va inspired MSN-04 Sazabi. Despite not having the decals or all the paints seen with D.Va’s MEKA, I still pressed forward.

It was a fun kit considering the scale was only 1/144, but even more so, trying out a different color scheme with some metallic purple that I recently got, turned out pretty well. Despite being of a smaller scale vs other Gundam models out there, this overall was pretty easy to put together, as most of the time spent was the paint job primarily as I was still getting used to the Mr.Color brand of paints. If and when Bandai comes out with a 1/100 version, I’d be more than happy to revisit this custom variant again and go all out as much as possible on this one.

Kits Used In This Build:

  • 1/144 HGBF GSX-40100 Lunagazer Gundam

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