NewGundamBreaker-ds1-670x377-constrainStarting in January, Namco Bandai teased info regarding a “New Gundam Breaker” game for 2018 as well as a western release seen below:



Shortly thereafter, some gameplay was shown off, showcasing the iconic gameplay from previous installments, as well as a revamped UI in combat compared to the previous Gundam Breaker 3.

In addition to the details, the game seems to be running on UE4, according to the website Hopefully, there will be more incentives to not only play solo, but model some of the gameplay closer to the popular Gundam Build Fighters type of events shown in the anime. What does this mean for audiences outside of Japan and Asia? Pretty much not having to go through lengths to enjoy some quality Gundam content, which has eluded audiences outside of those regions for several years now. While I’ve attempted to reach out to Namco Bandai for any sort of additional details, I’m certain that I’ll have to wait just like everyone else for all those juicy Gunpla details. At least I’ll have some models to keep me occupied for the meantime.

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