With this Gundam Gusion Rebake, I wanted to try something a little out of the normal color scheme that I usually do but nothing too extreme. So I thought that since people think of Akihiro Atland as the Gundam based version of Guts from Berserk, what would Guts’ Gundam would look kinda like if he were running around with one. Thus I came up with this look. Although the Berserker armor that Guts wears is more or less entirely black, I had to come up with something contrasting that would complement the Berserker Armor but wouldn’t look bland. While this was a straight build, the process of putting this kit together compared to the Master Grade based models felt like night and day. Like the Full Mechanics emphasized on the Gundam Frame itself, kinda lending itself as a visual gimmick as seen in the anime series. Where as the Master Grade line feels a bit more flexible as a whole, balancing articulation and detail. Despite this, still was fun to put together and gave me a different opportunity to try something different.


Kits used in this build:

  • 1/100 Full Mechanics Gundam Gusion/Gundam Gusion Rebake
  • 1/100 Full Mechanics Gundam Barbatos Lupis


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