It feels like its been a while since I’ve last posted something up, but with good reason. For one, my twitch community finally broke 1k follows during my 19-hour Birthday stream. I want to thank everyone involved for their support and participation during that entire session. During that whole couple of weeks of vacation, sometimes it’s hard to see any sort of progression in what I do. Sure, real life takes precedence and utmost priority, but at the same time, the less that you’re around and live, the less important you feel. Whether that is true or just a trick on the mind, the impact is still very real. Plenty of times I’ve doubted myself that I was getting anywhere because as soon as I would end my session for the day, only silence filled the room. Since my day job takes a big chunk of the week up, its feels like it’s hard to be around people with like minded perspectives and thoughts, since this is what I’ve been striving towards for a while now.

So in order to keep my mind somewhat intact and on the path, I’ve been watching other successful channels and see what it is that makes them tick. Sure, I can try to emulate what they do, but as the saying goes; “quality over quantity”, what’s the use of me doing something for long periods of time if I can’t be consistent at it. Seeing my growth from the same time in the previous year alleviated some of the doubt in me and cleared my head. I know many people like myself feel the same way with no support in sight. The only thing that drives me forward is having faith that despite my blunders and multiple mistakes, that I’ll do something else right, and keep repeating the process until i’ve pushed forward to where I want to be, until the next obstacle. Although I’ve lied on that being the only reason, the other reason being is I really want to make the people in my direct life proud, mainly because I want to be able to bring the feeling of victory to them and be able to tell them that I’ve made a major step in what I’m doing and I’m really enjoying it.

Twitchcon being in San Jose really excited me, since it’ll be closer to home. But more importantly, I’ll be able to see a lot of the people that I met through Twitch and be able to hang out with them. Whether they’re primarily a streamer or part of a moderator team for one, I feel like I can explain about some of the struggles of being on a stream, and doing all the back end work supporting one. While it might be a struggle for me to try to tell someone else about my issues who’s not in tune with what I do, I’m sure I’ll be far enough along later in time that it won’t be an issue. So until next time, a special thank you to my community to keep me motivated on doing this as a regular thing.

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