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When I was binge watching Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans, the one suit that had me entranced was the Gundam Vidar. Although it would only have a short combat usage before being reconfigured into the Gundam Kimaris Vidar, this by far for me was the most interesting design because it was so simple yet mysterious. With the addition of the Mr.Color Black Panel Coloring that I recently purchased, I wanted to see how little I had to paint to make this look as interesting as possible. While a good portion of the Gundam frame itself was painted, the main body color for the Gundam Vidar was not touched outside of the black line art, which also added in a sense some weathering that made it work even better.

Despite some great work, the ball joint in the leg, allowed the foot to move, broke in a way which seemed that the plastic in that area was brittle. While I could somewhat jury rig the foot to support the weight of the suit, it would be pretty clear that this joint would no longer be able to be posed again. It’s pretty strange since this is only my second IBO suit, but at the same time, I did find a good amount of the same peeves I had when I put together the Gusion from a previous session as with this current one with pieces fitting right and some of the same stiff mobility issues. Hopefully, Bandai will revisit the IBO series and do something similar to the Master Grade line for this. Until then, I’m somewhat afraid to work on the 1/100 version since I’m more than likely expecting the same kind of issues, but with even more parts.


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