My Great Capture Screenshot 2018-06-25 06-17-06

Having released on June 22nd for the PS4, New Gundam Breaker has been receiving quite a lot of mostly negative reviews for a number of reasons ranging from frame rate and loading issues, to significant changes with the gameplay, the list goes on. While I for one was going to wait it out and see if any improvements or patching is going to be done prior to the PC release, I took a leap of faith and wanted to see for myself if it was as bad as people are describing.

In the game’s current state, I could not in good conscience tell someone this is worth the $60 retail price that is currently listed on the Playstation Store. While it may be a bit before a full review comes out, what I experienced in the PS4 version has me quite concerned with the franchise and how low of a bar do I need to set for the PC version.

For example, one of the main noticeable issues with the way New Gundam Breaker plays is the sudden freeze during gameplay as it seems to suggest that the hardware for the PS4 isn’t able to handle the kind of assets being used in-game, thus the fps performance is “bottlenecked” for players. This is also apparent as you switch between the main and sub menus as objects seem to load in noticeably slow and inputs on the controller don’t occur right away.

Despite all this, I’m still enjoying the game through the parts I can deal with, however, this is by no means a free pass on a game that shows signs of being rushed. Only time will tell if Namco Bandai will roll out an update addressing the issues that people have been dissatisfied about. We can only hope that their actions speak louder than whatever reassurances they have for fans, because right now, Gundam Breaker 3 performs way better than this.

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