img_4076Hi guys, it’s been a while since my last post but don’t worry, I’m still here. Life and work outside of Twitch has been pretty rough considering that we’re half way through the year. Taking care of IRL expenses while prepping for Twitchcon 2018 has been a shaky priority since I’ve been trying to juggle the fine balance between casting on Twitch, and supporting everything through my regular day job.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Screenshot 2018.04.15 -

When I created my channel on Twitch, I didn’t really have a specific focus or niche. While I did have my interests in shooters, RPGs, and Gunpla, I felt like whatever I got into was like an adventure. Even though being sporadic as I am hasn’t really been something that brings in results, I always found that the games that I did get into or took a risk in, was an experience in itself, and with you the audience as my witnesses, experienced things that not everyone can do with other like-minded individuals.

Despite things, having you guys there helps a lot, more than you possibly might realize. Additionally, in a few months at San Jose, I’ll be hanging out and fine dining with some of you amazing folk that make it much more fun. So yeah, I’m still going to be doing what I’m doing, despite taking rotations and swapping things as I need to, but no matter what, I gotta make sure to keep thanking you guys, both current and O.G. supporters for letting a guy who likes playing video games, being insightful about the things I’ve seen and experienced in the course of my life, and just being a big derp in your lives.

Final Fantasy XIV  A Realm Reborn Screenshot 2018.07.23 -


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